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SEGA Genesis Roms

In 1989, Sega released its most successful console worldwide, the Sega Mega Drive also known as Sega Genesis in North America. The Genesis was a 16-bit console created to rival the TurboGrafx 16. In 1990, Nintendo released the Super Famicom (or Super Nintendo Entertainment System—SNES), which was Genesis' major rival throughout the 16-bit era. Even though the Genesis was released earlier than the SNES, Sega had a hard time overcoming Nintendo's dominating foothold on the video game console market, which in the late-1980s was 95% in North America and 92% in Japan. By 1992, Sega slashed Nintendo's market by garnering 55% (going as high as 65% in 1993) of the market in North America. The Genesis also did well in Brazil, Europe, and Australia, however, it failed to put a dent on Nintendo's market share in Japan.

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In 1993, the Genesis was redesigned and released as the "Sega Genesis 2". By 1994, Nintendo had regained a lot of its lost market share by slashing Sega's share from 65% to 35%. In 1996, Sega discontinued support for the Genesis. But in 1998, Majesco released a budget version of the Genesis, called "Sega Genesis 3".

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Throughout the lifetime of the Genesis, Sega had developed and launched two unsuccesful well-known add-ons, the Sega 32X and the Sega CD. It also released the peripheral, Sega Meganet, which was a modem for the Mega drive. It was only released in Japan. 35648 sega genesis roms 2490 sega genesis rom 2301 sega genesis rom download 1161 free sega genesis roms

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Hi! This is MY ROMS site. You will be able to find here information about how you can make gba, gbc, nes and other rom files from video console cartriges. You can read reviews of rom backup hardware and tools for working with roms. We will also privede you with links to best shops selling rom hardware.

First to give you an idea about how roms are made - read about making gba roms!

flash advance 256m setConnect GBA Cartridge to PC
You have to have a way to connect gameboy cartridge to the PC. For that you can you Flash Advance Linker or FA Linker Xtreme. Regular linker connects to Printer port when Xtreme can be connected to both printer port or USB.

Save game data on PC as *.GBA file
When you have FA Linker connected you can use Flash Advance Writer, Little Writer or Flash Xtreme writer software to save the game from the cartridge on to your PC Hard Drive. It will be saved as .GBA file. Most roms are 4MB or 8MB
(1 Mega Byte on PC = 8 Mega Bits on Cartridge)

Play backuped games on PC or GB
When you have backuped the game on the PC you can Play it with one of the Gameboy Emulators or you can send it a ReWritable Flash Advance card and play it on another Gameboy. Because Flash Advance Cards are bigger than regular GBA Cartridges you can make compilation of say 8 of your favorite games and write them to one 256M FA Card.

In short - this is how most of the gameboy advance roms that you can download from the internet are made. As you can see - the main purpose of roms (and FA Linker) is not to play then on PC's using Emulators, but to use them as backups of your original games. Of course if you have made a backup of your game you can play it PC if you like..

More information about GBA backup devices can be found at
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