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PSX can refer to these following items: The official name for a PlayStation 2-based DVR released in Japan Unofficial name for the original PlayStation console This usage derives from the fact that Sony originally developed the PlayStation as a CD-ROM and SNES hybrid unit. When the project was halted by Nintendo, Sony decided to redesign the PlayStation as a stand alone console, which was known internally as the PlayStation Experimental. The media caught wind of the name and it has stuck ever since. The PSX DVR was released in Japan on December 13, 2003. Therefore, it is safe to assume most usage of the term "PSX" in the 20th century refers to the unofficial name for the original PlayStation. 12789 psx roms 615 download psx roms 561 free psx rom 415 dbz psx rom 341 psx emulator roms 274 psx 2 rom 7297 ps2 rom 529 ps2 emulator roms 53 ps2 gt3 rom
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This is the new and exciting PS-X-Change CD ModChip! No more fussing with internal installations and complicated soldering. Just put the CD in, and follow instruction. Play copies and backups on all models including the PSOne.

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The Game enhancer is an external device that is plugged in to the PlayStation game console - modifying it to boot up all CDs. It allows you to play every import game, every CD-R back-up and even anti-mod games. Ridge Racer Namco (1994) Wipeout Sony/Psygnosis (1995) Tomb Raider Eidos (1996) Madden NFL 99 EA Sports (1998) Metal Gear Solid Konami (1998) Final Fantasy VII Squaresoft (1997) Gran Turismo 2 Sony (1999) Tekken Namco (1996)

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This device plays back-ups (copied games), on 9001 and more PlayStation models (soldering required). It is 100% Universal NTSC / PAL.

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This memory card holds 4 times the normal amount of memory an usual memory card holds. Furthermore, this device does not compress data just like Sony's, making all games available.

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The PC Comms Link for PlayStation package is the ultimate accessory for hard-core PlayStation Junkies! PC Comm Link connects your Game Enhancer to any PC (286 or above, 1 free ISA slot) to produce a powerful game hacking and debugging work station (this item is optional for game enhancers).

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News about PSP at

The first new version was actually a revision in early 1996, produced in response to complaints that Playstations were overheating. Sony did not change the technical aspects or the cosmetics, but did remove the S-video port left over from the Japanese release.

Sony produced a redesigned version of the original console, called the "PSone", in a smaller (and more ergonomic) case which was introduced in September 2000. The original PlayStation was abbreviated in Japan to "PS" and was often abbreviated as "PSX" by American gamers, as this was Sony's internal code name for the system while it was under development. This led to some confusion in 2003, when Sony introduced a PS2-derived system in Japan actually called the PSX. The PlayStation is now officially abbreviated as the "PS1" or "PSone," although many people still abbreviate it "PS" or "PSX". There are no hardware differences between the "PSone" and the original, except for a cosmetic change to the console.

A version of the PlayStation called the Net Yaroze was also produced. It was more expensive than the original PlayStation, coloured black instead of the usual gray, and most importantly, came with tools and instructions that allowed a user to be able to program PlayStation games and applications without the need for a full developer suite, which cost many times the amount of a PlayStation and was only available to approved video game developers. Naturally, the Net Yaroze lacked many of the features the full developer suite provided. It was unique in that it was the only officially retailed Sony PlayStation with no regional lockout; it would play games from any territory.

Another psx version that was colored blue (as opposed to regular console units that were gray in color) was available to game developers and select press. It had twice the main RAM size (4 megabytes instead of 2 megabytes) and a CD-ROM emulator board connected to a PC. It was also able to run in-development games which lacked region coding (which would be rejected by a normal PlayStation as though they were pirated copies). A few of these units eventually appeared for sale through somewhat dubious channels at high prices.

The installation of a modchip allows the PlayStation's capabilities to be expanded. This allows unauthorized copies of games to be played, but it also allows the playing of games from other regions, such as PAL titles on a NTSC console. Since modchips allow playing games recorded on a regular CD-ROM, it created a wave of games developed without official Sony approval, using free GNU compiler tools





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