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Coupled with the growth of console emulation, the late 1990s saw something of a second golden age for the NES. The secondhand market began to dry up after 2000, and finding ROMs no longer represented the challenge it had in the past. In the October 2005 issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly, a homage was given to the NES in order to celebrate its 20th birthday. Seanbaby, the editor of the "Game Over" segment of the magazine, where this article was featured, acknowledged how emulation allowed the younger generations of gamers to learn first-hand how the NES revived the video game market. Still, developments continue, and the NES, alongside the SNES, appears likely to live on in some form into the future.
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  PocketNES nes roms emulator for GBA flash cards

nes romsNintendo Entertainment System (NES)

At the moment the best emulated system on the GBA! Emulators like PocketNES and Famicom Advance can turn your NES roms into gba roms. On Gameboy they work near perfect and even better - you can save at any place you like - link for 2 player game or transfer games from one GBA to another. Other emulators include FamicomAdvance, InfoNES Advance and PogoNES plug-in for PogoShell that lets you write NES roms to Flash Card and play without any modification!

NES Emulator for GBA - PocketNES and NES ROMS

PocketNES is a NES emulator for Gameboy Advance. In other words, it lets you play Nintendo 8-bit games on a Gameboy Advance. PocketNES is written by loopy and flubba and started out as an assembler port of loopynes emulator for DOS.

PocketNES does emulate NES games on the GBA in full speed, as incredible as it sounds. It can actually do quite a few games at twice the normal speed in accelerated mode. Buy R4i DSi
R4i SD card adapter for playing NES, SNES, GAMEBOY, SEGA, Atari, GB Color, Game Gear and Emulators and NDS Roms on Nintendo DS / DSi!

How to use PocketNES, the basics

Since PocketNES runs on a Gameboy Advance from a gba flash card, and not from a hard drive with an operative system there are some things different from a regular emulator. Most importantly, you don't keep the .nes roms separately, but they are included in the same file with the emulator.
(You can run PocketNES using VisualBoy Advance GBA Emulator on PC, but it will not run at full speed, becouse the emulator is not perfect. Screan may shake becouse of the emu)
The basic idea is that
PocketNES with all the .nes roms you want to play will be put into one .gba rom file.

Download NES rom files and Emulators at

nes emulator for gba pocketnesDownload NES-on-GBA here >>>

Following a series of arcade game successes in the early 1980s, Nintendo made plans to produce its own console hardware that had removable cartridges, a feature not included with the company's earlier Color TV Games product. Designed by Masayuki Uemura and released in Japan on July 15, 1983, the Nintendo Family Computer (Famicom) was slow to gather momentum: during its first year, many criticized the system as unreliable, prone to programming errors and rampant freezing. Following a product recall and a reissue with a new motherboard, the Famicom's popularity soared, becoming the best-selling game console in Japan by the end of 1984. Encouraged by their successes, Nintendo soon turned their attentions to the North American markets.

In June 1985, Nintendo unveiled its American version of the Famicom at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). With a completely redesigned case and a new name, the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) proved to be just as popular in America as the Famicom was in Japan, and played a major role in revitalizing interest in the video game industry. Nintendo rolled out its first systems to limited American markets on October 18, 1985, following up with a nationwide release of the console in February of the following year.145335 nes roms 6262 free nes rom 5785 nes emulator roms. 5000 nes rom download 1399 all nes game roms 1238 nintendo rom nes.

gbc emulatorNES Cartridge Emulators for PC
You have to have a way to connect gameboy cartridge to the PC. For that you can you Flash Advance Linker or FA Linker Xtreme. Regular linker connects to Printer port when Xtreme can be connected to both printer port or USB.

Save game data on PC as *.GBA file
When you have FA Linker connected you can use Flash Advance Writer, Little Writer or Flash Xtreme writer software to save the game from the cartridge on to your PC Hard Drive. It will be saved as .GBA file. Most roms are 4MB or 8MB
(1 Mega Byte on PC = 8 Mega Bits on Cartridge)

Play backuped games on PC or GB
When you have backuped the game on the PC you can Play it with one of the Gameboy Emulators or you can send it a ReWritable Flash Advance card and play it on another Gameboy. Because Flash Advance Cards are bigger than regular GBA Cartridges you can make compilation of say 8 of your favorite games and write them to one 256M FA Card.

In short - this is how most of the gameboy advance roms that you can download from the internet are made. As you can see - the main purpose of roms (and FA Linker) is not to play then on PC's using Emulators, but to use them as backups of your original games. Of course if you have made a backup of your game you can play it PC if you like..

More information about GBA backup devices can be found at

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