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Enter R4 3DS and M3i Zero N3DS flash cards

R4i 3DS sdhcThe M3i Zero and R4 3DS are similar new Nintendo 3DS compatible flash cards for playing NDS rom backup copies, if you want to test this proposition try switching the firmware between the two software’s and you will know the similarity between these two applications. The R4 3DS has been credited with the fact that it can run a variety of Emulated Rom formats without any delay in the speed of the device. The R4 for Nintendo 3DS is endowed with a DSorganizer. The dsorganizer as the name suggests organises the music files or video files be it online radio, an internet download or any other downloadable application. This product of Nintendo, the R4 DS as per the R4 DS  does it all.

Though the R4 DS is extremely user friendly in its operations, packaging and user support it does have some loopholes. You can not use any memory card which exceeds the 2gb limit because this size is not supported by the R4 DS according to the R4 DS review. It runs applications, moonshell and moonshell 2 but the picture quality has to be paramount failing which you may encounter distorted images or media files in your R4 DS media cart. The R4 DS  states that the text reader of the firmware is not efficient and reports of the R4 DS  state that the spring of the R4 DS has broken number of times which proves to be challenging for the users. The R4 DS media cart can not support file size of more than 50 mb which can prove to be problematic for the users.

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