Game Boy Advance Roms ROM images (or ROMs, for short) is used in the context of emulation for a binary file which contains graphics, sounds, and program code. Strictly speaking, a ROM image is simply a direct copy of software and data contained in ROM in some device. ROM images are usually created so that the software can be run on computer hardware different from the one the software was originally designed for, using emulator software.
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Well now you can! You have a choice to buy 3 or 4 original Nintendo game cartridges OR you can buy Flash Advance Linker SET for about $95 USD and play ALL the gba roms for FREE..
On the flash card you can put any gba roms that you download from the internet! Depending on the size of the card and the Gameboy Advance games you can have anywhere from 2 to 1000 roms in one cartridge and when you finish them all - download new ones! Want to know more about how Flash Cards work -> view tutorial with screenshots

Cant find any place to DOWNLOAD? go to  - they have the links!

65408 gameboy and advance and roms 4268 download gameboy advance roms 3383 gammboy advance rom 1910 advance gameboy emulator rom 1726 rom de game boy advance 1607 free gameboy advance roms 688 gameboy advance rom downloads Hi! This is MY ROMS site. You will be able to find here information about how you can make gba, gbc, nes and other rom files from video console cartriges. You can read reviews of rom backup hardware and tools for working with roms. We will also privede you with links to best shops selling rom hardware.

Buy R4i DSi
R4i SD card adapter for playing NES, SNES, GAMEBOY, SEGA, Atari, GB Color, Game Gear and Emulators and NDS Roms on Nintendo DS / DSi!

First to give you an idea about how roms are made - read about making gba roms!

Several cartridges containing flash memory have been developed for use in the Nintendo Game Boy Advance.These cartridges enable homebrew applications and games to be used on a GBA. The capacity of the cartridges ranges from 64Mb up to 2Gb. Sizes of cartridges are always measured in megabits

These devices have been criticised because they allow people to make illicit copies of Game Boy Advance games. However, since most flash cartridges have cheating features, people will copy their original game image onto the cartridge in order to beat it faster, make the game easier, etc. In addition, these cartridges remain the best-known way to create and distribute homebrew games for the GBA (the other being the GBA Movie Player, which can run specially designed homebrew programs but cannot run illicit copies of commercial GBA Game cartridges without modifications to the firmware).
flash advance 256m set

Connect GBA Cartridge to PC
You have to have a way to connect gameboy cartridge to the PC. For that you can you Flash Advance Linker or FA Linker Xtreme. Regular linker connects to Printer port when Xtreme can be connected to both printer port or USB.

Save game data on PC as *.GBA file
When you have FA Linker connected you can use Flash Advance Writer, Little Writer or Flash Xtreme writer software to save the game from the cartridge on to your PC Hard Drive. It will be saved as .GBA file. Most roms are 4MB or 8MB
(1 Mega Byte on PC = 8 Mega Bits on Cartridge)

Play backuped games on PC or GB
When you have backuped the game on the PC you can Play it with one of the Gameboy Emulators or you can send it a ReWritable Flash Advance card and play it on another Gameboy. Because Flash Advance Cards are bigger than regular GBA Cartridges you can make compilation of say 8 of your favorite games and write them to one 256M FA Card.

In short - this is how most of the gameboy advance roms that you can download from the internet are made. As you can see - the main purpose of roms (and FA Linker) is not to play then on PC's using Emulators, but to use them as backups of your original games. Of course if you have made a backup of your game you can play it PC if you like..

More information about GBA backup devices can be found at





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