Gameboy has allwayes been the number one handheld console in the world and not becouse the console was better than others BUT thanks to thousands of games that were made for it. You all know classics gb roms like Super Mario, Zelda, Megaman, Pokemon, Final Fantsy, Donkey Kong and there are lots more...
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GB Bridge is an adapter between GBA Flash2Adance / Flash Advance Xteme cartridge and GBA. With it you will be able to play GameBoy roms and GameBoy COLOR roms on your GBA and use Flash Advance card to play GB and GBC roms on Gameboy, GB Pocket and GB Color. Compatible with Flash Advance and Flash Xtreme and Flash2Advance Cards.

You need this adapter becouse old Gameboy and GB Color cartridges were made for 5.5V (used 4 batteries), but now the new cartridges have internal Voltage of 3V (2 batteries), so for your Gameboy to recognise the Flash Cartridge as the old GB card and let you play .GB and GBC roms you need an adapter.

Buy R4i DSi
R4i SD card adapter for playing NES, SNES, GAMEBOY, SEGA, Atari, GB Color, Game Gear and Emulators and NDS Roms on Nintendo DS / DSi!


Using this GB Bridge adapter you may store Gameboy and Gameboy Color rom files on the Flash Advance cartridge. Just plug the flash cartridge into this adapter and plug it into the GameBoy Advance. The GB Bridge is compatible with the Flash Advance 64M (small models), 128M (all versions)as well as 256M cartridge.

GBLink-Bridge for Flash2Advance FA Pro / Turbo / Xtreme / F2A
The GBLink-Bridge is the ultimate add-on for your Flash Advance Linker / Flash Advance Pro set. Much like a converter for a home game system that allows you to use JAP Cartridges or games on a USA console or vice versa, the GBLink-Bridge allows you to use your existing GBA Flash Advance PRO / Turbo linker set as a GBC / GB backup / development system.
« « « In the picture you see GB Bridge in gameboy with Flash Advance card pluged into the adapter it sticks out of the back of your GBA as if you had GBC cartrige inseted.

Essentially, this turns your current flash advance link set into an amazing 2 in 1 backup and development system at an amazing super low price!


Allows use of all GBC and GB games on your GBA Flash Card
All GBA / GBC / GB programs and save data can be stored in the same Flash Advance Pro / Turbo / Xtreme cartridge
Play Multi GBA Games by using just the Flash Advance Card
Play GBC and GB roms on OLD Gameboy or Gameboy Color using the GB Bridge
All Save game data, game data / rom data can be stored on your PC Full support for all GBC and GB Games
Tons of free Software available, for Gameboy Advance and for PC
Upload GBA rom gamesaves into your game cartridge!

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More information about GBA backup devices can be found at



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