MAME - or Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator roms include all kind of arcade systems starting from NeoGeo and CAPCOM
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Gameboy Advance has such a powerful processor that it is possible to emulate other older consoles and computers using GBA. This opens up a whole new world of possibilies... There thousands of classic games that now can be played on Gameboy Hardware (or emulator).
Download MAME ROMs - top arcade classics emulated for playign on PC.

Arcade ROMs Emulator for GBA

Play Arcade roms on Gameboy Advance. Put Arcade games on GBA you will need Flash Advance Linker Advance Xtreme or Flash2Advance Linker

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>MAME is a computer software program for personal computers. The purpose of MAME is to faithfully and precisely emulate as many arcade games as possible, with the intent of preserving gaming history and preventing vintage games from being lost or forgotten. The name is an acronym for Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator. MAME has been ported to many different platforms. The X11 port for Unix-like systems is named XMAME. The Mac OS X port is named MacMAME. According to the official MAME web site, the first public MAME release (0.1) was on February 5, 1997, by Nicola Salmoria. As of version 0.102 (actually the 146th proper release), released November 14, 2005, MAME now supports 3192 unique games and 5848 actual ROM sets (each game may just have the original or have one or more clones as well - see below) and is growing all the time. However, not all of the games in MAME are playable; 652 ROM sets are marked as not working in the current version. 55975 mame roms 5638 download 2001 arcade free mame roms. You can downloads mame de mame

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Hi! This is MY ROMS site. You will be able to find here information about how you can make gba, gbc, nes and other rom files from video console cartriges. You can read reviews of rom backup hardware and tools for working with roms. We will also privede you with links to best shops selling rom hardware.

First to give you an idea about how roms are made - read about making gba roms!

flash advance 256m setConnect GBA Cartridge to PC
You have to have a way to connect gameboy cartridge to the PC. For that you can you Flash Advance Linker or FA Linker Xtreme. Regular linker connects to Printer port when Xtreme can be connected to both printer port or USB.

Save game data on PC as *.GBA file
When you have FA Linker connected you can use Flash Advance Writer, Little Writer or Flash Xtreme writer software to save the game from the cartridge on to your PC Hard Drive. It will be saved as .GBA file. Most roms are 4MB or 8MB
(1 Mega Byte on PC = 8 Mega Bits on Cartridge)

Play backuped games on PC or GB
When you have backuped the game on the PC you can Play it with one of the Gameboy Emulators or you can send it a ReWritable Flash Advance card and play it on another Gameboy. Because Flash Advance Cards are bigger than regular GBA Cartridges you can make compilation of say 8 of your favorite games and write them to one 256M FA Card.

In short - this is how most of the gameboy advance roms that you can download from the internet are made. As you can see - the main purpose of roms (and FA Linker) is not to play then on PC's using Emulators, but to use them as backups of your original games. Of course if you have made a backup of your game you can play it PC if you like.

MAME contains several components: a CPU emulator which duplicates the behavior of the CPUs of many original arcade machines; an input emulator which maps arcade buttons, joysticks, and other controls to PC keyboards, joysticks and other devices; and an emulator for the arcade game display and sound equipment. The only thing missing from MAME is the ROM image, which is the program from the original arcade game which made the game run. When MAME is run, it is running the original game from several years ago - just on different hardware.

More information about GBA backup devices can be found at




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